Karaoke Night

14 07 2008

Matt’s Back

12 07 2008

If you’re wondering “Where in the Hell is Matt Harding“, you are not alone.

Re United

11 07 2008

… and it feels so good.

I was meeting A and R after 25 and 28 years respectively. Would I recognize R at the BART terminus? Would A and I have anything in common to chat about? Had nothing changed? The answers were surprising, the memories were delicious and the growing up was irreversible. We had the loveliest dinner with my first tomatoes and strawberries of the season, sweeter both for the company they kept.

More reunions later this month, with alcohol fueled revelations and slippages sure to leave many of us a-hanging. The more we change, the more we remain the same. Nothing really changes.

Londontown Touring

10 07 2008

Things to do in Londontown before 1000 (which is when most things open):

  • browse at Daunt Books (83 Marylebone High St), opens at 0900
  • sip at the Cafe in the Crypt at St Martin’s in the Field Church ( ), opens at 0800
  • Latin Mass at the Farm Street church, 0800
  • Southwark cathedral, opens 0800
  • take a coffee at Monmouth by Borough Market – chat to vendors
  • cross London Bridge and laugh at the poor commuters en route to work
  • sleep in

Altered States

7 07 2008

Mouse Print

3 07 2008


Are you being screwed?

Forbidden Broadway

30 06 2008


“More to See”