11 04 2009


On Monday Morning March 23, commuters at Antwerp’s central rail station were introduced to the recording of Julie Andrews singing “Do Re Mi” as recorded for the 1965 film adaptation of the stage musical “The Sound of Music”. 200 dancers strategically placed in the crowd began to dance as a remix of the track came through. VTM adverts for its search for a new Maria. However, this is not an original. T-Mobile staged a similar flash mob inspired event in January 2009, “Life is for sharing“.


Re United

11 07 2008

… and it feels so good.

I was meeting A and R after 25 and 28 years respectively. Would I recognize R at the BART terminus? Would A and I have anything in common to chat about? Had nothing changed? The answers were surprising, the memories were delicious and the growing up was irreversible. We had the loveliest dinner with my first tomatoes and strawberries of the season, sweeter both for the company they kept.

More reunions later this month, with alcohol fueled revelations and slippages sure to leave many of us a-hanging. The more we change, the more we remain the same. Nothing really changes.

Altered States

7 07 2008

Hold Mayo

26 06 2008

Summer Arriveth

20 06 2008

Here Comes the Sun

Pilgrim Be

4 05 2008

He who would valiant be

‘Gainst all disaster

Let him in constancy

Follow the Master

There’s no discouragement

Shall make him once relent

His first avowed intent

To be a pilgrim. 

You Must Love Me

22 04 2008