Tony Awards

15 06 2008

It is hot and I am wiped out from the flying and the touring. Extreme air-con, comfort food and a bottle of Bollinger cuvee ease me into the Tony Awards.

2001: A Lion King retrospective. WTF? Is this not 2008? What next, RENT redux?

2005: Whoopi as a witch from “Into the Woods” holding her breasts together. She should retire

2008: Fattie Rondi Reed wins supporting actres for August-Osage County. I support this only because it comes from Steppenwolf. Gratuitous shot of Laurie Metcalf, who has not aged well since Roseanne show days.

2012: Crybaby performance in a prison yard. It’s so Billy Joel flop musical.

2022: Laura Linney and her dimples. Raul Esparza snubbed again.

2026: Passing Strange number. Very odd – I so do not want to be watching this show.

2037: Why does John Lithgow overact all the time? Also, does every presenter need to remind us of his/her TONY win?

2041: Patti Lupone belting it out. So blah. So gay.

2052: Bunched offscreen (cheap seat) awards to truly enthused people

2057: Lin-Manuel Miranda faux-raps his acceptance speech. Remember the Mafia band that got an Oscar for best movie song?

2059: The gayest rendition of “There is Nothing Like a Dame” from the South Pacific revival.

2108: A funny bit with Whoopi as Mary Poppins. Still, not as funny as I used to remember her.

2113: Grease. Really?

2128: Why did Faith Prince eat all those muffins? I loved her in “Guys and Dolls”

2131: Painful number from Frankenstein

2140: Clips from plays. They don’t ever work.

2153: Mark Rylance wins for “Boeing Boeing”. I saw his understudy in Londontown who was riotously funny but I don’t get Mark’s humour at all.

2200: Deanna Duagan win’s for August: Osage County but with weird chemotherapy hair. This play will become a movie.

2204: A number from “In the Heights”. Odd.

2212: Tracy Letts thumbs his nose at the movies. Sweet.

2215: Mandy Patinkin is eclipsed by his beard as he delivers a proxy speech. Well. But is Sondheim sick?

2233: Lily Tomlin mocks Marisa Tomei’s sexy walk down to the podium. Cheyenne Jackson tries too hard to warble. Those thighs! The original RENT cas with very handsome Taye Diggs all dorked out and Liza lisping. I am falling asleep. Paolo Szot wins. He is so leading man-ly. Patti Lupone wins, then chastises the conductor.







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