NY Habitat

24 03 2008

Sometimes you just set up an agency to fail with your pedestal of expectations.

Historically, I had a great experience renting a furnished flat in Londontown. Therefore, it only seemed natural to rent the property again for an identical period and an identical price, agreed to upon by me and the landlady upon my last departure. Regrettably, the GBP/US$ is not a fraction that is favorable to me and this means budget constraints. NY Habitat unilaterally decides to hike up the price by nearly a third. The landlady offers to bypass the agency (that is your only legal security blanket if she decides to renege and/or interval calamity ensues) but at a hiked up price. Lastly, the agency, not having heard back from me for over 24 hours, decides to remove that entire property from the equation and leaves a very disagreeable taste in my mouth.

In retrospect, I think I got very lucky last time. The quest doth continueth…



24 03 2008

Did you get in on the VISA IPO? Life takes VISA.