Forever Gone/Mine

23 02 2008

No more Sunday night calls.

No more quirky emails with terrible syntax and transliteration.

No more fussing about chemotherapy causing liver issues.

No more bargaining in SoHo with Prada wearing size 0s.

No more foraging in the farmers’ market for bargains after noon.

No more finaggling a wheel chair so we can bypass the Fastrack lines at Disneyworld.

No more blanching almonds until their skins peel.

No more imagining St. Ives Swiss Formula can actually originate in Suisse.

No more deadlines for selecting a life partner by January.

No more worrying about Siberian tigers eating young men.

No more impressing me with your intricate knowledge of the Tube system.

No more waiting about for the noontime humming bird feeder “event”.

No more distress paging me when “event” does not occur.

No more rationing of champagne at wedding parties.

No more “Walker, Texas Ranger” or “Crocodile Hunter” reruns while I am at work.

No more restrictions on pesto while inflight from Heathrow.

No more figuring out just how late it must be when I ring.

No more forever you for me.





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