Airline Bump

5 01 2008

During the first week of the year, everyone is returning home. You might be in a bit of luck if your flexible schedule permits you to volunteer for an airline bump, to get bumped off inevitably oversold flights. If you feel the urge, identify yourself immediately upon reaching the check-in counter at the gate.

Say NO to a bump if:

  • You need to be somewhere at a specific time. Even if that time is tomorrow, you risk further delay.
  • You are only given a standby seat – you want a guaranteed one if the next flight is oversold. Chances are you have change of clothing only for one (1) day and then you will smell.
  • You cannot benefit from the free ticket – ask of expiry dates and capacity controls. If a year long voucher restricts your ability to travel and is valid only on certain flights, walk away from the podium girl.
  • You need to expense yourself in a hotel and a day’s worth of meals. What goos is a US$300 voucher if you shell out US$350 worth of boarding and lodging?
  • You are traveling with kids – are you out of your mind?

Say YES if:

  • You have a flexible schedule. This is critical.
  • The airline guarantees a specific flight seat, preferably first class. Oh yes.
  • You can use a flight voucher or flyer miles offered
  • The carrier will pay for any meals, transfers or hotel stays incurred by you.



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