Rangpur Lemon

30 01 2008


In FY2006, Tanqueray introduced Tanqueray Rangpur. Simply put, my favourite fruit had arrived in a British gin. Erroneously known as Canton lemon, Hime Lemon (Japan), Cravo Lemon (Brazil) and Mandarin Lime (with me, yet?) Stateside, the majestic Rangpur is simply neither a lemon nor a mandarin, it is a true lemanderin, acid with an orange peel and flesh. You could use it to sub for limes in a pinch or as a decorative orange – so unique stands my Rangpur. Certainly of Indian origin (bias alert), it was introduced to Florida by Reasoner Brothers of Oneco and is used predominately as an ornamental or potted plant (Stateside) or as rootstock (UK). So imagine my utter delight when S&P500 decided to give me some. Just give away. And it is Christmas. Also, I am easily bought.

The quintessential Rangpur Margarita (omit the word lime – it is educational) is had by combining 1 oz tequila, 1 tsp Rangpur juice, juice of half a Meyer lemon, and 0.5C ice till slushy in a blender. Rim your glass with a lime wedge and dip in rock salt. For rationing/rational purposes, I also prepare a Rangpur Syrup, same principle as a simple syrup, store in freezer unless you edge with a few citrate crystals as preservative, for emergency lemonades, lemon/limeade, ginger fizz or simply with Canada Dry ginger ale. Rangpurs, in moderation, make a smashing addition to fruit punch and white sangria but zest them first. You could use the zest to freshen up your sitting room or mix into the wash.

How thankful I am for my Rangpurs! Of course, this is no way diminishes its importance as an essential archeological site (second only to Lothal in NW Gujarat) from where the Indus Valley Civilization sprung.

In 2006, Diageo, Plc, introduced a rangpur-flavored version of Tanqueray gin, known simply as Tanqueray Rangpur.


Tea Bag

26 01 2008

Today I feel like a tea bag: only when I get into hot water do I realize how strong I can be.

Barack Obama

25 01 2008

Top Ten Campaign promises from the next POTUS

  1. To keep the budget balanced, I’ll rent the Situation Room for Sweet 16s
  2. I will doublte your money at the craps table
  3. Appoint Mitt Romney Secretary of “Lookin’ Good”
  4. If you bring a ‘gator to the White House, I’ll wrassle it.
  5. I’ll put Regis on the nickel
  6. I’ll rename the tenth month of the year “Baracktober”
  7. I won’t let Apple release the new and improved iPod the day after you bough the previous model
  8.  I’ll find money in the budget to buy Letterman a decent hairpiece
  9. Pronounce the word nuclear “nuclear”
  10. Three words: Vice. President. Oprah.

From Late Show with David Letterman.

Whenever Whatever

22 01 2008

Going On

21 01 2008

Tiger Watch

20 01 2008

Paul Dhaliwal, 19, told the father of Carlos Sousa Jr., 17, who was killed, that the three yelled and waved at the tiger but insisted they never threw anything into its pen to provoke the cat, according to a search warrant affidavit obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle. “As a result of this investigation, (police believe) that the tiger may have been taunted/agitated by its eventual victims,” according to Inspector Valerie Matthews, who prepared the affidavit. Police believe that “this factor contributed to the tiger escaping from its enclosure and attacking its victims,” she said. Sousa’s father, Carlos Sousa Sr., said Dhaliwal told him the three stood on a 3-foot-tall metal railing a few feet from the edge of the tiger moat. “When they got down they heard a noise in the bushes, and the tiger was jumping out of the bushes on him (Paul Dhaliwal),” the documents said. Police found a partial shoe print that matched Paul Dhaliwal’s on top of the railing, Matthews said in the documents. The papers said Paul Dhaliwal told Sousa that no one was dangling his legs over the enclosure. Authorities believe the tiger leaped or climbed out of the enclosure, which had a wall 4 feet shorter than the recommended minimum.

The affidavit also cites multiple reports of a group of young men taunting animals at the zoo, the Chronicle reported. Mark Geragos, an attorney for the Dhaliwal brothers, did not immediately return a call late Thursday by The Associated Press for comment. He has repeatedly said they did not taunt the tiger. Calls to Sousa and Michael Cardoza, an attorney for the Sousa family, also weren’t returned. Toxicology results for Dhaliwal showed that his blood alcohol level was 0.16 — twice the legal limit for driving, according to the affidavit. His 24-year-old brother, Kulbir, and Sousa also had alcohol in their blood but within the legal limit, Matthews wrote. All three also had marijuana in their systems, Matthews said. Kulbir Dhaliwal told police that the three had smoked pot and each had “a couple shots of vodka” before leaving San Jose for the zoo on Christmas Day, the affidavit said. Police found a small amount of marijuana in Kulbir Dhaliwal’s 2002 BMW, which the victims rode to the zoo, as well as a partially filled bottle of vodka, according to court documents. Investigators also recovered messages and images from the cell phones, but apparently nothing incriminating in connection with the tiger attack, the Chronicle reported. Zoo spokesman Sam Singer said he had not seen the documents but believed the victims did taunt the animal, even though they claim they hadn’t. “Those brothers painted a completely different picture to the public and the press,” Singer said. “Now it’s starting to come out that what they said is not true.”

Cloverfield Monster

19 01 2008

Godzilla + parasite spiders + Blair Witch project = motion sickness.

Wait for the DVD.