Lithium Batteries

26 12 2007

With very little notice, the Department of Transportation has announced a change of what you can pack in your checked AND carry-on luggage effective Tuesday January 1. Remember some people are already en route and will not be completing journeys through that date. The rule pertains to rechargeable lithium batteies (primary lithium, lithium metal and lithium ion but does not specify if the commonly used lithium polymer is inclued):

  • you cannot pack any loose or spare rechargeable lithium batteries in checked baggage any more
  • you can carry loose spare rechargeable lithium batteries in carry-on baggage, subject to some limitations (which do not affect us unless you are carrying unusually high capacity industrial batteries) and in a manner to safeguard against short circuits (one battery per ziplocked bag)
  • you can still have devices with normal sized batteries inside them either in checked or carry-on baggage

We are one month away from where Nepal was twenty years ago – I had to open all devices and toss all batteries of any kind while passing through Passport Control. Outside the hotels, battery sellers (?resellers) made brisk business.




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