Regifting Day

20 12 2007

Today is National Regifting Day (Thursday before Christmas). Oh come on. You do it too. 60% of regifters have their heart in the right place but 40% do it for US$! Most regifters have annual incomes between US$100 and 150K.

  • Barely used is not the same as brand spanin’ new
  • Do not regift items clearly purchased for you
  • Do not regift handmade items from someone you know
  • Do not use different sentimental criteria for regifts
  • Do not give unused (lightly loved) gift cards
  • Everything vintage is not gold
  • Bestowing a white elephant regift out of spit is not cool
  • Do not regift the original gifter. Sucks to be you.
  • Ensure all original packing is intact
  • Triple check all tell tale regifting signs
  • Wrap it again like it is new
  • Give with good intent
  • Give it away anyway