Appliance Vacation

8 11 2007

Next time you head out to travel, remember to give your appliances a little holiday too. It lowers your electricity bill and saves a fair bit of energy if you are gone for any period exceeding five (5) days. Unplug whatever appliances do not need to be operational when you are away – computers, microwaves, mobile chargers, the telly, washing machines all draw energy from the power grid even when not in use. I like the UK power plugs as you need to plug them in, then, in addition, hit the on button as a failsafe. If longer than two (2) weeks, consider clearing out your fridge and unplug that too. Usually, that is not feasible for me so I make sure to use up milk (and other perishables) and turn it up a few notches. Unfortunately, the wine library needs to remain constantly thermally modulated. Set the thermostat at 55 degrees in the winter or you risk bursting frozen pipes. Be sure to leave a few outside lights on a holiday randomizer timer (and some inside lights too with a company shadow) to mimic usual activity.