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7 11 2007

Getting there:

Getting ideas:


Getting Around


Upcoming, not yet stable and reliable:

  • Vayama addresses international low flight carriers, including those originating Stateside
  • Yapta tracks airfares after you book along with tips on how to get refunds, but it plops an applet on your hard drive and does not examiner all airlines (limited to US carriers only at this time)
  • Travelistic compiles on the ground travel videos from real people who are not all necessarily pretty to looka t
  • Meethalfway is immense if you are planning to meet your penpail or blog buddy in a country you have never been, in a city which does not speak your languagr (currently limited to the UK only)
  • Seriouseats which is serious eats!
  • Airtreks helps you plan multileg journeys withour the complication of wasted tickets
  • Dontforgetyourtoothbrush is my new favorite that reminds me of upcoming journeys with email reminders
  • Bathroom Diaries tells me where the closest nicest public toilets are, surveying 12000 toilets in 120 countries. You know you want this!