Eisch Eisch

5 11 2007

At a wine tasting to choose some holiday spirits, P poured M and me some cabernet in a cheap thick juice glass and the newly popular Eisch breathable glass. Eisch claims that their glass is breathable and substitutes as a “rapid decanter”, quite the oxymoron. My pseudoscientific mind could not get over the very ridiculous concept of the tiny amount of oxygen trapped within the leadfree material during the glass blowing process. First, there is not an unlimited amount of oxygen to rapidly decant every glassful of wine you pour. Second, would the breathable glass not breathe in other noxious vapours if it can breathe out the oxygen (which vapour would logistically replace the oxygen). Third and foremost, does this not imply that there is loss of integrity of the glass. Nevertheless, I have not blind tasted large wine-conforming glassware with this breathable nonsense, nor have I the time and wherewithal to do so. Riedel, in a fit of hubris, has sued Eisch but exact terms of the suit (as well as grounds for filing suit in Germany) are not quite clear to me. I do not believe that you get far beyond after the basic type of red or white wine glass morphology. I am not quite the wine snob as M, I believe. Please remember that Riedel is the purveyor of horribly overpriced wine-specific glassware.