Masala Dosa

31 10 2007




30 10 2007

Do not be caught unawares next time.

It was quite a dramatic experience for my visiting Midwesterner. I just poured on more Earl Grey.

Carry On

29 10 2007

Just a carry on allowance reminder as the holiday travel season starts in a bit:

Australia – same rule as USA (100ml liquids and gels within clear sealable zip plastic bag no more than 1 litre). Applies on both arriving and departing international flights. Domestic flights are exempt but not if you use the international terminals as some do – check with your airline. Duty free liquids are allowed but only in sealed bags from the departing or most previous airport if in transit, purchased same day as the flight, and with receipt clearly visible.

EU excluding UK – same rule as USA except only on departure and EU-wide duty free liquids are okay (i.e., not just from the departing airport).

Indonesia – unclear 

New Zealand – same rule as USA but only applies to departing international flights. Domestic flights are exempt but not if they use the international terminals as some do – check with your airline.

Pakistan – no liquids at all. Gels are okay.

Philippines – no liquids at all, but at transit security they did not care

Russia – liquids and gels are okay. No sprays allowed.

Singapore – same rule as USA but only applies to departing flights.

Sri Lanka – same rule as USA

United Kingdom – same as EU but exactly only 1 carry on, no personal items except for coat.

USA – same rule as Australia except applies for all flights (domestic and international).

Vietnam – unclear

Lemon Grass

28 10 2007


So I have been doing it all wrong all this time. Trim about one and a half inches off the root end of a stalk. Trim off enough stalk’s dry scraggly top. You should have four or five inches left. Peel off and discard the rough outer layers. Only the tender pale yellow and lilac ones in the core remain. Thinly slice crosswise into thin rings and make a spicy salad or grind up into spice pastes. Enjoy.

Faux Pas

27 10 2007

Beware of these chop sticks faux pas:

  • Indecisive/mayoi-bashi: loitering all over the choice of dishes spread out before you, unsure of what to eat
  • Capricious/utsuri-bashi: picking up one item, then changing your mind to pick up another
  • Groping/koji-bashi: groping for a favorite piece instead of eating in order from the very top
  • Stirring/saguri-bashi: stirring your soup (shirumomo) and searching for ingredients
  • Licking/neburi-bashi: licking chopsticks or residual food
  • Stabbing/sashi-bashi: eating food by stabbing chopsticks into it
  • Dripping/namida-bashi: dripping liquid from the tips of the sticks as you carry food to your mouth
  • Drawing/yose-bashi: moving or pulling plates or bowls towards you with chop sticks
  • Passing/hiroi-bashi: passing food from your to another person’s chop sticks
  • Between lips/kuaw-bashi: holding them between yourlips instead of on the table or chop stick rest when taking a bowl in your hands
  • Tooth-picking/seseri-bashi: using chop sticks for picking your teeth
  • Vertical/tsukitate-bashi: sticking sitcks vertically into a bowl of rice
  • Chewing/kami-bashi: chewing the tips of the sticks
  • Drumming/tataki-bashi: tapping the table or plates
  • Pointing/sashi-bashi: pointing to a person during your meal

Religious Riches

26 10 2007


Read the whole Pew Report on wealth and religiosity to appreciate the graph of the ungodly and rich. See how far we have lost it. More than half of us say our culture is superior to others (a larger proportion than in most Western Republics) but in Italy, 70% feel their way of life is better. How could I even think of arguing?

Movie Piracy

25 10 2007


Click it.