Vegetable Grill

13 04 2007

Why don’t more of us do it? Cut the veggies into pieces that will cook quickly and evenly. All pieces should be of consistent thickness and not more than 0.75 to 1 inch thick. Soak on cold water for 30 minutes before grilling to prevent desiccation. Pat dry, then brush lightly with oil to prevent sticking. Do not overcook.

Asparagus: Cut ends. Soak 1 hour. Brush with EVOO with sesame oil. Turn often. Remove when tips brown.

Bell Peppers: Cut longitudinally in the middle. Destem, deseed and derib. Brush lightly. 3 mns each side

Chili Peppers: Brush with walnut oil. Grill whole on each side 3 minutes. Cut off stems and deseed.

Corn on the cob: Partially remove husk by pulling back. Remove silk. Cut end. Soak 30 mins. Dry and brush with butter. Fold husks back and twist tie ends. 7 minutes. Do not burn.

Egg Plant: Cut lengthwise (smaller) or disks (bigger). Soak 30 mins. EVOO. Grill 3 minutes.

Garlic: Cut off root end of whole bulb. EVOO brush. Place cut side down. 10 minutes until skin brown.

Mushrooms: Rinse off dirt. Dry. 5 mins small, 8 mins big. Use basket for smaller shrooms.

Onions: Deskin. Cut 0/5″ horizontally. Grill 4 mins.

Tomatoes (yes, technically a fruit L, I know): Cut inhalf top to bottom. Cut side down. 3 minutes.

Potatoes: Wash. Dry. Rub with EVOO. Wrap in aluminium foil. Gril 45 minutes. Turn often.

Zucchini and small squash: Slice 0.5 inch thick. Grill 3 minutes per side. Can cut smaller down the middle and grill halves.