Yellow Pages

12 04 2007

An updated copy of the Yellow Pages dotted my endless driveway as I headed home last night. This instantly reminded me to scour the home for every Yellow Pages I have never looked at – there were 8 for the record – and recycle them. Who uses the print edition anyway? It is printed on recycled paper for a very good reason. Then I saw this Letter to the Editor in a paper in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and I present it verbatim without permission:

A simple surgery for massive phone books
Many phone users in Cedar Rapids have recently received new phone books. When we picked ours up from the porch, we just shook our heads. It appeared to be even larger than last year’s. The book has become so large it’s impossible to pick it up and find a number without considerable effort. We have found a simple solution that a lot of you might appreciate. Open the book up to the division between the home numbers and the yellow pages. Spread the gap as far as you can, then using a box cutting knife carefully cut through the backing until the two are completely separated. Viola, now you have a home phone book and a yellow page book. The thickness has been reduced from 2 inches to less than 3/4 of an inch. If you want to further downsize the home section, you can perform additional surgery by separating the coupon section. Now you’re down to about a half-inch. To further simplify things, file the yellow page section away in a drawer where you can find it for the five or 10 times a year you need it and place the traditional sized home phone book close to the phone. If enough of us perform this surgery, who knows, maybe next year we’ll pick up our books in two convenient volumes.